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We believe Prevention is better than a Cure. In our busy lives, we too often forget to take care of our bodies. Then when we feel the effects of this lifestyle, we regret not pausing to remedy our muscles, tissues and joints sooner. That’s why we at Manly Chinese Massage Centre have been providing remedial and relaxation massages for eight years to the northern Sydney area.

We have a deep understanding of the techniques of traditional Chinese massage, including compression, friction, vibration, percussion and joint movement. These methods have been proven to reduce tension, increase flexibility and provide immersive sensations of release and fluidity

On top of our Traditional Chinese Massage we have Acupressure remedies for: Headaches, Migraines, Stiff Necks, Back Pain, Sciatica, Sore Shoulders, Muscular Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Sports Injuries, and Stress Relief. It's only in the last few years that Western medicine has started to prove the efficacy of acupressure through clinical trials. For millennia these traditional practices and experiences have resulted in the knowledge to cure all sorts of ailments. We also have significant experience with modern massage techniques as well.

For deep muscle tension and muscle knots, we recommend deep tissue massage. Our professional massage therapists can reach the areas that you thought were unreachable. You determine how hard or soft you would like this massage.

But, for a gentle massage you may like to try our Swedish massage. The relaxing feeling of your tightest muscles being kneaded is unsurpassed. This massage promotes circulation and helps the healing of adhered tissues.

We are also experts in the complex methods of foot reflexology, in which the application of pressure to areas of the feet creates changes throughout the body. Only a skilled reflexologist knows how to steer your body in the right directions through their graceful techniques.

You can also customise your own treatment plan based on your needs, pulling from our vast array of expertise and experience to create a treatment plan that works perfectly for you.

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Manly Chinese Massage Centre

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